As Cornell University scientists led by Dr. Adam Boyko, the genetic traces of today’s dogs lead to Central Asia. Scholars have conducted genetic analysis of more than 5,000. Nowadays living dogs, both those living in the homes of man and the feral, exist in the vicinity of human host and reproduce freely.chp-5 It turned out that all the genetic traces lead to central Asia, in present-day Mongolia and Nepal. Wolves, the ancestors of today’s dogs have been domesticated there, “Dr Boyko said in the PNAS magazine. chp-7The researchers also found no evidence that domestication could have occurred independently in different parts of the world, for example in Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. On the contrary, the domestication process has taken place once and then the new species has spread throughout the world. It is also known that the dog is accompanied by the longest of all animals. So far scientists have been convinced that the wolf was tame and domesticated much later, about 13-12 thousand. years ago. So he could not accompany the first European homo sapiens in hunting. Today, however, it seems that the man came up with the idea of ​​attaching wolves to his herd much earlier. As the recent discovery by Russian scientists proves, fully domesticated dogs accompany us not from 12-13 thousand years, but at least 30 thousand years. chp-11This is evidenced by the remains of an animal found in Siberia that have both dog and wolf characteristics. They were discovered by scholars from the Russian Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. Genetic research and dating of debris have confirmed that it was one of the first dogs to accompany human beings and lived as many as 33,000. years ago.chp-6

But of course this in not about history. This is about present time! It is estimated that 30 Million Cats and Dogs are killed each tear in China, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian Countries for their Meat and Fur. In China alone it’s estimated 10 Million plus are killed each year for their meat, a vast majority of these sentient beings are either Stolen Pets some still wearing their Collars or Strays. Three large Slaughterhouses in the province of Jilin torture and slaughter between 5000 to 10000 Cats and Dogs on a daily basis.chp-4 Each day trucks loaded with 300 to 400 dogs and cats crammed into filthy wire cages stacked on top of each other. These animals travel in these filthy conditions for days without any water or food. Some of them are dying from dehydration, heat stroke or suffocation.chp-3 On arrival cages are roughly thrown to the ground which results in broken bones. Once unloaded they are sadistically tortured by being beaten, hung, blow torched, boiled, skinned or crucified while still alive. 365 DAYS A YEAR.  In the past company of Humans and Their Dogs drove Neanderthals to extinction, stake was high – that was evolution race. And now, these days?  Evolutionary recession, callousness and countless Chinese give scientists sleepless nights, why? Because Homo Sapiens and Canis Lupus Familiaris lived together since forever and very soon there will be need to re-write anthropology books.


Below there is very interesting but short interview with Fundraiser Mahny Djahanguiri and Anneka Tanaka-Svenska  TV presenter and conservatonist.




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