Walter Hugo is a British photographer that uses many experimental techniques. One that caught my eye is described as photographic fresco where he develops photographs directly onto the walls of a gallery. As the developer ran down the wall it created very one of pieces of art which had a very distinct look.

walter hugo 1  walter hugo 3

Using a room-sized camera with a built-in dark room is in itself an unusual approach to image-making. Add to that British photographer Walter Hugo’s mid 19th century camera lens and glass plate printing technique and you have a unique artist producing forward-thinking, yet antique, art.

walter hugo 2

Hugo, having asked parts of London’s young creative elite to pose for him, compiled the Reflecting the Bright Lights exhibition a while back, but it’s now combined with the The Nature of Interdependence series of beautiful UK seascapes, as part of an unofficial Frieze celebration.


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